Bryce Hanscomb

I'm from Melbourne, and I build great software.

My focus is on human-computer interaction, usability, and proving to Apple that the web is way cooler than the App Store. Specialising in smart-and-scalable web applications, I've worked with many great Australian brands, including some you may know. I also contribute to Open Source projects.

I like to solve problems with...

Recent Adventures

Front-End Team Lead

Belong Mobile

Apr 2020 — Present

Currently leading the public-facing marketing website and integrating with vandors like Salesforce, Contentful, PayPal and more.

Additionally, I'm owning an initiative with the UX team to build an open-source Design System for internal and external use. Project Lead

Aeon Media Group

Jan — Mar 2020

I built a new digital magazine called Psyche and its supporting GraphQL content API. Additionally leading the in-house dev team to migrate the custom Rails-backed CMS to React UI, we successfully shipped the project in 12 weeks.

Psyche stories have reached the front page of Hacker News seven times.

Senior Developer


Mar — Dec 2019

As a short-term external consultant, I implemented the Your Work page in Jira. This became the new opt-in homepage for all cloud-hosted Jira instances globally.

Replacing the 15-year-old Dashboards page, Your Work increased user task completion by over 25%.

Innovation Squad Front-End Lead

ABC Digital

Mar 2018 — Feb 2019

I led the UI team to deliver the React.js-based Content Digital Archive project. The full-stack solution included AWS Lambas, S3 storage and other Cloud-Compute systems.

This project received the Australian Computer Society Digital Disruptor Gold Award for 2019.

Ancient History

Senior Front-End Developer

Origin Energy

Sep 2017 — Mar 2018

Full Stack Web & Mobile Developer


Jun 2015 — Aug 2017

Mobile Web Developer

Vuly Trampolines

Feb 2014 — Jun 2015

WordPress Developer

Sin Design

Oct 2012 — Jan 2014