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Partial To Perfect: When Is A WordPress Theme Complete?

WordPress is not just a blogging product: it’s a platform for creating websites, online stores and more. This distinction means that it’s not just the website owners who need a good user experience: somewhere along the way, actual programmers need to interact with its internals. As Lee Cohick explains, the quality of this interaction influences the […]

Use Flux Standard Actions for HTTP PATCH

The canonical way to RESTfully apply a set of changes to a resource is through the use of the HTTP PATCH method. Although a lot has been said about how to use other HTTP verbs, the community has written comparatively less about PATCH for probably these two reasons: It didn’t make it into the HTTP/1.1 […]

Scheduling Things Better

Those in the personal productivity sphere say that reducing the number of small decisions you have to make leaves you with more willpower to manage the more important things. That’s why Barrack Obama wears the same suit every day. However, self-improvement and managing your affairs usually comes with some sort of overhead. This can manifest […]

A Practical SASS Project Structure

This is an overview of how I structure the `scss` folder of my web projects: Overview Directory Structure /scss /1_utils /2_exernal /3_elements /4_form /5_sections /6_modules /7_pages _project-settings.scss _shame.scss legacy-screen.scss screen.scss print.scss The Philosophy The idea is that splitting files is cheap and modularisation is king. Nothing should be included that doesn’t need to be and […]